About Us

Our Journey, Mission and Goals
We specialize in the production and processing of foods into flour. Our products are absolutely health friendly, they are produced to improve the health standard of our teeming consumers. The production and processing techniques are natural and the products are free from preservatives which could endanger the human body system. Come have a taste so you can understand the value of our products. At Danyus Foods, we value the general well-being of our customers/consumers, and that has been an impetus at achieving the best we can offer to the customers. we are proud to say that DANYUS FOOD IS SCOND TO NONE!.
To provide the highest quality life supporting food and accurate information about them, their uses, and benefits. To maintain a healthy, respectful, challenging, and rewarding environment for employees. To cultivate sound relationships with other organizations and individuals who are like minded and involved in like pursuits. To cultivate adaptability to change in economic, social, and environmental conditions, to allow Us the opportunity to survive long-term. To have a strong, positive impact on farming practices and food processing techniques used throughout the world.